Fashion ad over painting, 2023 / Color pencil on tracing paper over oil and canvas paper 12x9in

中国是中国人的中国, 2022 / Oil on foamboard 20x11in

Removal, 2022 / Collage on foamboard 24x18in

Table of contents, 2022 / Oil on canvas 32x34in

2022 / Acrylic on canvas 11x14in

Deconstructed Shanghai rice cake, 2023 / Modeling paste and oil on canvas 12x9in

The dread is cumulative, 2022 / Acrylic and modeling paste on canvas 14x11in

Money tree, 2021 / Oil on cardboard 30x20in

Pardon our appearance while we negotiate a labor contract in bad faith, 2021 / Oil on cardboard 30x20in

Future-proof, 2022 / Paper collage 6x4.2in

The mannerisms of Rafael Nadal, 2023 / Mixed media on cardboard 20x16in

Love-love, 2020 / Acrylic and oil on canvas 24x18in