(ice cream) acrylic on canvas 24x20in
(daydream) ink, oil, paper on cardboard 20x15in
(mold on painting) oil on canvas 28x22in
(record heat) oil on wood panel 12x12in
(bush) acrylic on canvas 14x11in
(twenty-seven) acrylic on canvas 12x9in
(website) collage, cardboard, glass, tape, tracing paper on faomboard 11x9in
(teeth) acrylic, charcoal, crackle on canvas 16x20in
(harlow’s monkeys) oil on canvas 22x28in
(tinder in vr) acrylic on canvas 16x20in
(legacies behind rainbow clearing a low bar) oil on cardboard 14x35in
(three ponds) oil, paper, paintstick, tracing paper on cardboard 40x15in
(sackler museum) acrylic on canvas 10x8in
(crouching tiger, hidden dragon) acrylic on canvas 14x18in *based on painting by matthew wong
(vandalized painting of oops i dropped the lemon tart on supply test surface) acrylic, canvas, crayon, foam brush, ink, marker, modeling paste on foamboard 20x11in
(deconstructed shanghai rice cake) modeling paste and oil on canvas 12x9in
(three clouds) acrylic on canvas mounted on foamboard 13x10in
modeling paste, oil, paintstick on wood panel 10x8in
(over and over) paintstick, paper on wood panel 10x8in
(the mannerisms of rafael nadal) mixed media on cardboard 20x16in
(fashion ad over painting) color pencil, tracing paper, oil on canvas paper 12x9in
tracing paper, collage on perforated hardboard 11x24in
(missed connections) ink, oil on canvas 16x16in
oil, paper collage on foamboard 19x19in
(airspace) oil on canvas 38x13in

updated 8/31, jonfeng801[at]gmail[dot]com