acrylic on canvas 12x9in
acrylic on canvas mounted on foamboard 16x12in
acrylic, modeling paste, oil on panel 12x12in
acrylic on canvas 12x9in
(snake bite)
acrylic, modeling paste, wax crayon on canvas 20x16in
(general tso’s chicken, portrait in style of félix gonzález-torres, and five maps of gerrymandered wisconsin districts on figure 625 via gray's anatomy - transverse section of the shaft of the humerus magnified 350 times)
cardboard, foamboard, ink, oil, paintstick, pastel, tracing paper on canvas 20x16in
(deconstructed shanghai rice cake)
modeling paste, oil on canvas 12x9in
acrylic on canvas 14x11in
modeling paste, oil, paintstick on panel 10x8in
(missed connections)
ink, oil on canvas 16x16in
acrylic on canvas 12x9in
(fashion ad over painting)
color pencil, tracing paper, oil on canvas paper 12x9in
oil on canvas 38x13in